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One of the biggest questions people have about server hosting is: Do I need someone to manage my hosting service? While this may seem to be a strange question, the fact of the matter is that the divided opinions on this matter make people sit and wonder. To understand this better, we need to understand the basics of hosting. Maintenance of the server - The server that hosts the data needs to be constantly maintained in top shape. This involves periodic checks like checking and upgrading the operating system, running antivirus and anti-malware software, ensuring that the integrity of the data is maintained and so on and so forth. This is an extremely important activity because if any of the steps is missed out, that could allow the data to be compromised. Maintenance of the website - The second most important point is that the website needs to be managed properly. Thi... (more)

Why Do You Need a Webdomain Even If You Are a Small Business?

The primary need for any business in today's world is an online presence via a webdomain. The reason for such a need is extremely simple. The world of online business offers companies a humongous revenue source from a client base that exceeds the million mark. However, if you look at the profile of businesses with an online presence, you will notice that a section of the business community has less than 1% contribution. This section is the small businesses and the start-ups. So why do these companies shy away from owning a webdomain? The reason for most of these companies is the... (more)

How to Capture the Local Market of Denmark with a Website Having a .dk Domain

The level of competition is astonishingly high across every sector today. As a business owner, you need to look at legal ways and methods to get ahead and divert customers to your website. Today, methods like PPC advertisement (where you pay for your advertisement to be shown on the first page of a search engine), and SEO optimization (where you use various methods to generate a buzz about your website) are most commonly used. However, when it comes to PPC and SEO techniques, one aspect which plays a huge role is the domain authority. Now, most people may tell you that certain d... (more)

Protect Your Electronics in a Plastic Enclosure Box

Your electronics do a lot for you - they let you communicate, they evaluate your transmission lines, and they store your sensitive data. Your electronics are also sensitive and need to be protected from dust, moisture, and electromagnetic or radio frequency interference. For a reasonable price, you can protect your electronics in a plastic enclosure box. There are a number of companies that produce enclosures, but you need to do some research on the company first to find out if the products you buy will do what you need them to do, and that the products comply with all US and EU ... (more)

.nu Domains: An Alternative for Top TLDs

Finding noteworthy domain names is continually becoming harder and harder each passing day. This is because top-rated TLDs such as .net, .com, and the .org are entirely occupied by potential domain owners who will not let them loose anytime soon. Inability to acquire domain names in these TLDs topping the chart has, however, given way to the emergence of alternative solutions such as the .ws and the .nu domains. The latter have gained popularity and they are on their way to the top since their current recognition among users from across the globe is just overwhelming. This domain... (more)