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Why Do You Need a Webdomain Even If You Are a Small Business?

The world of online business offers companies a humongous revenue source

The primary need for any business in today's world is an online presence via a webdomain. The reason for such a need is extremely simple. The world of online business offers companies a humongous revenue source from a client base that exceeds the million mark. However, if you look at the profile of businesses with an online presence, you will notice that a section of the business community has less than 1% contribution.

This section is the small businesses and the start-ups. So why do these companies shy away from owning a webdomain? The reason for most of these companies is the volume of investment required to own and maintain a domain. Let us look at the factors that drive the cost of owning a domain up.

  • Hosting

  • Designing

  • Content

  • Security and updates

If you look at each of these factors, the cost of owning a domain may seem high. However, what most start-ups and small business owners do not realize or are not aware of is that there are viable alternatives to the paid and premium options.

So what are these alternatives for small business owners?

The first alternative is actually two alternatives to the high cost of hosting a webdomain. As a small business owner, the first option available to you is free hosting via the sub domain route. In effect, you pay zero fees and you are a part of another domain. The second option is to select shared hosting services from a hosting company. While this is a paid option, it is the cheapest option among the paid services.

Recommendation: Go in for the shared option as this will allows you to establish your individual online presence and thus reach out to your client base much faster. The reason behind this choice is simple. You will be able to establish professional contacts and a client base much faster if you have a customized name for your webdomain.

The second alternative is using platforms like WordPress for designing the website. Most website designers charge high amounts to make a high-profile website. However, there are platforms like WordPress that are fast becoming viable alternatives to a website designer. Small business owners can now use these platforms to design professional looking websites at the click of a button.

Recommendation: Use a combination of WordPress and website designers to make a professional website. The best way to do this is to create a basic template of the various aspects you want in your website via WordPress. The template should have the individual pages and the basic layout. Next, hire a website designer and ask them to add other elements via code to the WordPress page. This will give you the best of both worlds. It will also help you build a client base and have a high page ranking.

The above recommendations will help you with the final two aspects of your webdomain i.e. Content & Security and Updates. Using a shared hosting and WordPress, you will not have to spend extra on securing or updating your website. These services will take care of that for you. When it comes to content, WordPress allows you to type in the content you want easily without the need of any code.

As you can see, small business owners should use a webdomain (as I did with the help of my friends at the Danish "webdomain UnoEuro") to establish their online presence at a fraction of the overall cost. The benefit? As stated in the beginning, increased revenues and access to a large client base.

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