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How to Capture the Local Market of Denmark with a Website Having a .dk Domain

How to capture the local market with a .dk domain

The level of competition is astonishingly high across every sector today. As a business owner, you need to look at legal ways and methods to get ahead and divert customers to your website. Today, methods like PPC advertisement (where you pay for your advertisement to be shown on the first page of a search engine), and SEO optimization (where you use various methods to generate a buzz about your website) are most commonly used.

However, when it comes to PPC and SEO techniques, one aspect which plays a huge role is the domain authority. Now, most people may tell you that certain domains are trusted better than others are. However, what they are referring to is the domain authority. This is similar for domains with .com; .net, .org and even .dk extensions.

However, the difference of the .dk extension is that it is reserved exclusively for residents of Denmark. This means that any retailer or business owner who operates out of Denmark can have a domain with the .dk extension. But how does this give them an edge over other online businesses?

When it comes to a .dk domain, there are certain facts that are not widely known.

Business owners cannot own a .dk extension - The hostmaster that controls this domain does not sell the domains to business owners. Instead, these domains are rented out for a certain period of time. This ensures that a .dk domain cannot be resold to anyone else.

The hostmaster retains complete control over the domain - Since the domain is rented out, the full control of the domain remains with the hostmaster. This means that the quality of websites on this domain is not compromised.

One of the crucial factors is that only people living in Denmark can apply for this domain.

Now we have already explained what the aspects connected with a TLD like the .dk domain are. So how does this help the Danish retailer in the above example? Let us say that you reside in Denmark and want to buy a popular brand of jeans. You search in Google for stores that sell these jeans. There are many websites shown to you. However, the human tendency is to visit the first two or three websites and make a purchase.

Now if you are one of the retailers and have a .dk extension (as I did before with the help of the Danish ".dk domæne UnoEuro" provider), your website will automatically be shown in the first place. This is because Google will check that you are searching for Denmark and hence will show you this retailer's website right at the beginning.

This will help the retailer corner all orders from Denmark through their .dk domain. Additionally, since they will have a large number of visitors, their page ranking will be high and they will be able to attract visitors from outside of Denmark too.

We hope this article has made your facts clear about the .dk domain. Please share your feedback with us.

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