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Unmanaged Server Hosting vs. Managed Server Hosting – Which One Do You Need?

Unmanaged Server Hosting vs. Managed Server Hosting

One of the biggest questions people have about server hosting is: Do I need someone to manage my hosting service? While this may seem to be a strange question, the fact of the matter is that the divided opinions on this matter make people sit and wonder.

To understand this better, we need to understand the basics of hosting.

  • Maintenance of the server - The server that hosts the data needs to be constantly maintained in top shape. This involves periodic checks like checking and upgrading the operating system, running antivirus and anti-malware software, ensuring that the integrity of the data is maintained and so on and so forth. This is an extremely important activity because if any of the steps is missed out, that could allow the data to be compromised.

  • Maintenance of the website - The second most important point is that the website needs to be managed properly. This would involve checking if there is a proper flow of information between the website and the server, checking if the website is loading and operating properly, checking if the links in the website are working properly and preventing any unauthorized individual from trying to access and modify the data on the website.

Next, let us look at the responsibilities of the site owner.

  • Keep the content up-to-date - The website owner has to ensure that he or she posts new content on the website regularly. This is important in order to keep visitors interested and let them know that the website is active.

  • Reply to comments posted on the website - Interacting with visitors is a crucial aspect. When people visit any website, they may post questions or comment on the content. The website owner should reply to those in order to increase the popularity of the website.

  • Check the inbound and outward links - The website owner needs to check the relevance of all inbound and outward links. This is crucial as it can have a huge impact on the site rankings in search engines.

Now that we know all these aspects, let us try to understand if you should go for managed or unmanaged server hosting.

  • Under the unmanaged model - You will have extremely basic support from the hosting service. In other words, ninety percent of the work will have to be done by you. This will include all the points mentioned above in hosting and domain owner responsibilities. You can opt for this model if you are short on funds and have a team of three or four individuals who you can divide the responsibilities among.

  • Under the managed model - All the hosting responsibilities are taken care of by the hosting service provider (that's what my provider server hosting UnoEuro does for me). So, your responsibilities are limited only to those of the domain owner. While this may require you to pay a higher amount, the trade-off is that you can focus exclusively on improving your website, its SEO activities and its search engine rankings.

Our conclusion is that you will have to make the choice as per your team size, your budget and your goals. What type of server hosting would you prefer?

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